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Tips to finish a Cross stitched card

There are many ways to finish up a your beautifully embroidered cross stitch card. Here is a quick, on-the-go easy method. Scroll to read more...

A common option is to find a pre-cut card with an aperture that has the required shape. The embroidered piece is usually glued on the backside of the aperture. You can also make your own aperture by precisely cutting the shape you want. But this requires the right equipment: cutting tools and a cutting mat. It also needs pinpoint perfection which may be difficult to achieve.

In such a case, the method shared here is a handy and easy solution. It also doesn’t leave any mess on the wrong side that you may have to handle with another backing sheet to hide. Here’s a step-by-step method to finish the cards as shown in the above image. You can find the free patterns for these cards on the website under the menu tab Patterns->Cross Stitch.

You will need:

  • A finished cross-stitched piece as per the charts in the patterns on the website.

  • Decorative satin ribbons of your choice

  • Fabric Glue

  • Patterned card sheet of your choice of design measuring 8” x 5.75” (two cards can be made from a single A4 size patterned card sheet by folding it in half)

Note: Choose a lighter card sheet design as it will be slightly visible from behind your embroidered work. Alternatively, you’ll need another plain white lining fabric to add to your finished piece to hide the see-through dark colors of your pattern sheet.


  1. Fold the card sheet in half with pattern on the front side.

  2. Trim the extra fabric around your cross stitched design by leaving space = 1 cm + half of the width of your satin ribbon, away from the design in order to set it properly on your card.

  3. Iron from behind if there are any wrinkles on the stitched piece. Take care not to let the threads fray in the process.

  4. Using a little fabric glue on the sides and a very little in the center, glue the piece onto the card.

  5. Cut satin ribbons using the sides of your artwork for measurements – either the same size or a cm more in case you want the crossed edge border. It’s always preferable to go a little bit over your requirements – you can always trim it off later!

  6. The satin ribbon is to be glued on the overlapping edges (sides where the fabric and card meet) by placing in a way that some part of ribbon falls on the fabric and some on the card. Carefully, place the ribbon on the end of any one side and glue-as-you-go to the other end of this side. If you’re left with extra ribbon, cut it off and then glue the end.

  7. Repeat this for all four sides forming the border/frame for the design as shown in the image. Be careful to use glue in moderation so as not to smudge it.

And Voila! It's done! Isn't it super easy?:)


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