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Meet a stitching help : The thread catcher !

What is a thread catcher?

A thread catcher is a mini bag to hold your ORTs (old ratty threads) as they’re known in the stitching community. Scroll to read more about it...

While embroidering and sewing, you end up with many little bits of threads which can create a mess. An option is to fill decorative glass jars with this thread. But most times such glass jars aren’t convenient or safe to carry around your working space. Instead, a handy and portable thread catcher does the trick and is easy to make!

The best thread catcher designs have broader bases tapering up to a smaller opening on top. This not only increases the thread catcher’s capacity as a container but also prevents threads from falling out if it accidentally topples. Once it’s full, you can transfer the contents to a glass jar or throw them away. A slightly bigger one can be used by knitters and crocheters for yarn scraps as well.

For sewing, large sized cylindrical bags are most commonly used, doubling for not only threads but fabric scraps too. But sometimes, it might be more convenient to throw threads and fabric scraps in separate containers as you may need to fish out certain fabric scraps for use again.

Basically, a thread catcher is a needle-worker's fancy bin. The one in the picture is called a ‘triangular thread catcher’. There are various online tutorials for how to make the same. It’s a very handy and interesting item for most needlework enthusiasts.


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